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Bedbugs Hit P.A. Hospital      

Friday, 05 November 2010     


1ª notícia



Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

That nursery rhyme isn't so funny anymore.

Bedbugs (percevejos) are marching across North America and now they've hit a public location very close to home.

Early this week the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region discovered them in a couple of patient rooms in the Victoria Hospital.

Doctor Khami Chokani, Medical Health Officer for the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region says staff and a pest control company went through the rooms where the bugs were found and did a thorough cleaning and remediation.

Now the rooms will be monitored to ensure the bugs are gone.





2ª notícia


Bed bugs (percevejos) were found in two different areas of Prince Albert's Victoria Hospital earlier this week, the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region says.

The tiny, blood-sucking insects were found Monday in two in-patient areas and are believed to have entered the hospital on patients, said health region spokesperson Doug Dahl. They posed no health risk to patients, he added.

An exterminator was hired to destroy the insects. Health officials now believe the hospital is free of them.

The hospital will monitor the two affected spots and surrounding areas for seven to 14 days to ensure the bed bugs are gone, Dahl said.

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